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Open throat punch has 56-ton capacity

24" bar shear with 4-sided blades

Bar shear hold-down can be fixed or adjustable

Magnetic starter for safety and reliability

Full up and down stroke control

Built for forklift handling

Manual Punch Aligner

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Punch nut wrench for L series punch nut

Punch Rack holds up to 20 sets of L series Punches & Dies

Punch table with adjustable jig for high production with accuracy

Bar shear stop for production shearing up to 24" lengths

Grease bank allows lubricating without removing machine covers

Steel Bin for collecting steel dropping from bar shear

Oversize die stand for punching over 1-3/8" round *

Oversize stripper for punching over 1-3/8" round

Offset die stand for punching close to the web on angle iron

Bar shear table extends the table from 3" to 12"

Manual punch aligner (factory installed only)

Remote foot control

*Specify type and thickness of material to be punched

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Punch Station

Square Notcher

Coper Notcher

Pipe Notcher

6” Brake


Power Cavity

Angle Shear

Z & T Shear

Channel Shear

Brake: 6 or 9”

Rod Shear (Round or Square)

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