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Unihydro Ironworkers - Made in the USA

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Power Cavity

The power cavity provides power to the universal sever housing, brakes and slug type angle shears

Universal Sever Housing in Brake Cavity

Sever Housing Back

Sever Plates

Brake in Power Cavity

Brake out of Power Cavity

Universal Sever Housing with a variety of blades

Brake in and out of power cavity

Slug Type Angle Shear in Power Cavity

Slug Type Angle Shear

Slug Type Angle Shear

Slug Type Angle Shear in and out of power cavity

Notcher Station

The PRO Series Notcher Station provides power to a Coper, Pipe or Square Notcher

Notcher Station

Coper Notchers

Coper Notcher

Pipe Notcher Housing with Punch & Die

Square Notcher

Punch Station

We carry a variety of Punches & Dies, tools to facilitate installation and removal with housings to accommodate any variation

Punch Station

Punch Assembly

Punch Nut Wrenches

Punch Nut Wrenches with Numbers

Punch Nut Wrench 0372

Offset Die Stands

Offset L100 Die Stand

Oversize Die Stands

Punch Variety

Oversize Die Stand

Oversize Punches

Punch Rack

Punch Station Spring Return Brakes

Punch Table With Adjustable Jig

Special Die Set



Bar Shear Stop

Bar Shear Table

Deluxe Back Gauge

Remote Control Foot Pedal

Steel Bin Catcher

Grease Bank

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Part numbers on Accessories and Tooling for all Uni-Hydro Ironworkers

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