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Unihydro Ironworkers - Made in the USA

Models 135-24 & 150-24

Dual Operating

Under a Dual Operating structure, the punch station operates alone with one foot pedal. The structural shearing side of these machines includes a notching station, flat bar shear station and a power cavity which can hold various structural shearing housings operating from a second foot pedal. The design of these two machines does give an operator a huge advantage.  EXAMPLE: If the structural shearing side of a machine is being used for shearing flat bar material, the notchers and brakes can be put under the punch to let the punch station continue. 

Deep Throat Punching

The standard throat depth for these large ironworkers is twelve inches. Optional deep throat punch heads are available up thru twenty four inches. These machines can be upgraded to a larger throat depth at time of purchase or in the future. As your company expands, so can your Uni-Hydro Ironworker in these models. If you have an existing Uni-Hydro Ironworker of one of these models with the standard throat of twelve inches and now or in the future need an ironworker to have a throat depth of 15, 18, 2 or a full 24 inches, you've already made the main choice by purchasing a Uni-Hydro 135-24 or 150-24 ironworker. Give us your existing serial number which designates your current larger throat size. example: serial # 2005 17-135-24. If no number exists before the punch tonnage number 135 for 135 tons of punching and the last 24 for 24 inches of flat bar shear, then you have the standard twelve inches of throat depth. But, if as in our example a 17 is before the 135-24 then you already have upgraded to a 17 inch punch throat. NO PROBLEM, a 17 inch throat depth punch head slides out and can be replaced with anything up to TWENTY FOUR (24”) inches.

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