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Unihydro Ironworkers - Made in the USA

Uni-Hydro specializes in producing the finest ironworkers in the industry.  Our ironworkers are separated into categories, depending on the type of work and work load.

  • Turrets - A 40 and 56 ton six shooter. When others are reloading, you are completing the job. Six punch barrels for six independent punches produces quick turn around.
  • Models - These are our standard models - the longest lasting, most durable ironworkers built.
  • Iron Eagle Series - A 30 and 55 ton produced to be stronger than any other similar tonnage industry model. Uni-Hydro gives you that extra umph right when its needed.
  • Pro Series - True four (4) station ironworkers designed to be ergonomically accessible for every task. No reaching too high or bending too low for some ill-designed machine. Step up to one of our Pro Series ironworkers to shear, punch and notch seamlessly.
  • Dual Operator - While one operator punches another can be shearing at the same time. These machines also come with the ability to use a deep 24 inch throat for those really thick plates.

Accessories & Tooling with Part Numbers per Model

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