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135 Ton

150 Ton

MODEL 135 & 150 DUAL OPERATING: These models are designed with separate cylinders to run both the punching station and the back shearing section which includes a flat bar shear, a power cavity and a notching station.

As one operator runs the back shearing section, another operates a very stable punch station. The back operator can be running a flat bar or angle shear or operating as a notching station.

NOTE: Since these two machines have full stations as a 4th station; square notchers, pipe notchers and V notchers can interchange with the back notching station, the power cavity and the punch station.

EXAMPLE: Either operator may use a square notcher as it can be used under the punch or at one of the two stations in the shearing section of each machine.

Look thru our family of industry-leading ironworkers shown on-line here and in our brochures then either give us a call or send us a Request for Quote. Let’s discuss your work; what you have to do, how you are doing it now and how you’d prefer to do it. We’ll work with you to find a Uni-Hydro ironworker that best fits your needs. Plus we will put together a tooling and accessory package to help you get the most out of these remarkable machines.

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A 36  Specification for Structural Steel

Most Ironworker manufactures rate an ironworker by the P.S.I. (Pounds per Square Inch) tensile strength steel a machine is capable of at maximum capacity. Ratings range from 40,000 to 65,000 PSI tensile strength.

A 36 is a popular mild steel with tensile strength ranging from 58,000 to 80,000. A 60,000 PSI rated ironworker will cut 3 strengths of 58, 59 and 60,000 of A 36 steel.

Uni-Hydro ironworkers cut 8 strengths from 58 to 65,000 of A 36 steel.

Unihydro Ironworkers - Made in the USA

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