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56 Ton

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MODEL 30-8:  You've seen 25 ton machines that need a little extra tonnage. This model is perfect for small shops where a custom look to your project is desired.  This unit is soon to get its green skin after 25 years an Iron Eagle.

MODEL 45-14:  Uni-Hydro’s 45-14 three station ironworker comes with a 1 year unconditional warranty on the original edge of the flat bar shear blade as one example of this Uni-Hydro Ironworker’s strength.  This compact machine has been a signature machine since 1980 and today, it’s still the industry’s leader in capacity, quality of cuts, power, versatility and affordability.

MODEL 56-14:  This Model is our 45-14’s larger twin.  For that extra stainless steel job or high tensile steel, this machine allows a user the choice not to be undersold or over sold to fit your need.

MODEL 5624:  No other hydraulic ironworker can match the capacity of shearing 1/2” x 24” on 2 degrees of rake giving such minimal distortion over 24”.  This machine will do great in small fab, farm and sheet metal shops.

MODEL 80-24:  This Model does the work of our competition’s 90 & 100 ton machines.  This 3 station ironworker gives you large capacities without a large investment.

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Look thru our family of industry-leading ironworkers shown on-line here and in our brochures then either give us a call or send us a Request for Quote.  Let’s discuss your work; what you have to do, how you are doing it now and how you’d prefer to do it.  We’ll work with you to find a Uni-Hydro ironworker that best fits your needs.  Plus we will put together a tooling and accessory package to help you get the most out of these remarkable machines.

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