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Unihydro Ironworkers - Made in the USA

Uni-Hydro is a class manufacturing facility. They do what they say and they do it well. 

I have personally sold to numberous tech schools in OH, IN and KY as well as manufacturing facilities. We have NEVER had a unit returned or any other major repair in 13 years - PERIOD

Uni-Hydro ironworkers are manufactured in the USA, supported by a good rep in our area and quite honestly, it is a workhorse.

Where else can you find Made in the USA, backed by a good rep, No returns, No headaches.

Elevation Innovation, Inc
Scott Allen

Terry Combs of Graphel Corporation

A Uni-Hydro Dealer for the past 13 years

I purchased my first 45-14 ton Uni-Hydro ironworker in 1995 and my second in May 2007. Both units are still working perfectly and have saved us thousands and thousands of dollars on work we use to outsource. The performance and durability of the first unit I purchased made it a simple choice for my second ironworker purchase.

Thank you for building a great product and standing behind it

Machine Security Covers & MachineRails
Western Australia

The T40 that we purchased is one of the handiest machines we have.
I have 8 guys on the floor and they all use it everyday and they love it. The best feature are the 6 puches on the turn table, they hardly use drills anymore.

Kind Regards,
Ryan Swarts
General Manager

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