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Unihydro Ironworkers - Made in the USA

There are several unique punches and dies used in the industry that are the next most frequent request after our stock series. These are lattice, corner, picket fence and keyhole. These four series are manufactured in the same manner as our other series coated with oil to prevent rust. We also manufacture a unique series of plates and encourage users to contact us with any special request.

Lattice Punches & Dies
Lattice Punch

Used to round the ends of bar stock up to 1/4 inch thick. Place bar stock into channel in die and punch. Clips a small piece out of a bar leaving two rounded edges, one on each remaining bar.

Lattice Die
Corner Radius Punches & Dies
Corner Radias Punch

Rounds the edge on bar stock. Place bar stock into die and punch. Bar stock has a nicely rounded end.

Corner Radias Die
Picket Fence Punches & Dies
Picket Fence Punch

Used to press the end of tubular square or round together into a point. This is used for steel fence posts or small signs.

Picket Fence Die
Keyhole Punches & Dies
Keyhole Punch

Punches a keyhole into bar stock up to 1/4 inch thickness. 

Found on farm equipment, a chain is inserted through a keyhole and is dropped into it securing the chain in position.

Many applications for a keyhole.

Keyhole Die

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